The Divine Couple.

On the forehead- peacock’s feature,

Carrying flute in his hand,

Heart’s fill with enormous care for all,

But KRISHNA’S love is devoted to only goddess Radha.

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Since the childhood,

They were one soul.

If he suffered even a bit,

She used to make herself feel his pain.

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Naughty in his nature, he made every Gopi fall in love with him,

His heart was occupied with only loving her till the end.

When he played the flute…he mesmerized the universe around,

Losing all the senses, they felt the heaven on the ground.

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Sitting on the swing, they planned for all,

They knew… they couldn’t be together for life long.

He got married and even she was done,

But love for each-other in their hearts … never came to an end.

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Their love got divined…along with their deeds,

He sacrificed his love for we humans care.

She smiled and lived… loving him each moment,

That’s why they are praised and termed as ” THE DIVINE COUPLE”


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  1. parth893 says:

    Too Awesome ❤


    1. jyoti7208 says:

      thanks parth!!! good to see your likes and opinions again after long… feels good u liked it.. just a new try to write something new.. pls do visit.. god bless..


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