It was “ME AND YOU”,

I hoped it went true.

When the car drive in,

My hear-beat flew.

images (10)












Long drive was the plan,

Your friend came along.

I hugged you there and,

You drove till the shore.

images (8)









Sitting in front beside you dear,

The nature added cuddling effects in my within.

Wanted to hug you tight and feel the ways sights,

But the presence of that person stopped me at that instant.













I looked at you each miles crossed on way,

I held your hand with care,

I wanted to cuddle on the back seat along,

But the friend of your denied to drive.












You made it all done when we stopped near the dam,

Your hold made me smile,

Your smell made me carve,

I kissed you all that I wanted to along the long drive miles.








Your hears were on the words I spoke,

Your presence on my sight,

The speed you accelerated there,

Made my emotions drive.

images (11)









Hours passed along,

Many milestones passed,

Many distance we covered while drive,

But you stayed all by my side.

images (9)








Peaceful and concurring it was,

Silence and the freshness all around,

The heart gained surrender-enc in you,

“Long drive is really a spender-in ride,it takes you back to where you begin,

but makes you peace when you return.”

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