The Horizon!!!

Wide space in my eyes within,

Filled with hopes and light.

Deep down the water lies,

Packed with nature’s love tight.











Over the ocean, my world lies.

Over the space, my dreams are alive.

Each bright spot is counted in my fate,

Reaching hands wanna touch them lives.











Wrapping them close in my arms,

Walking firm on the divine.

Holding the faith within my heart,

Somewhere on the HORIZON, my wisdom comprise.

images (1)









Oceans, Lands or the infinite Space,

My dreams will make them move aside.


The believe of my life… will be someday in my sight!!!

images (3)

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  1. Papizilla says:

    Reblogged this on The Ranting Papizilla and commented:
    Well done indeed. Papizilla approved. Check it out people!


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