Way to heaven!!!









“I am tired Lord,

From your created world.”

Oops!!!, from the world transformed by me.

Just take me to you and

Let my soul rest in the beds of roses.

The sandals,

The blaming,

The carelessness,

The betrayals,

The hatred,

Each things are replaced now,

From the love that you showered,

The raises and the flowers,

The care and the brotherhood,

All are getting lost somewhere.









Please take away my soul and let it be punished,

Punished for neglecting you,

For blaming you,

For scolding you,

For everything I cursed you to happen in my life.

I realize,

I encountered,

I sensationalized,

That I was made to pay for all what I did.

As the path seemed relaxed and pampering….

I got detached from the world

And walked on WAY TO HEAVEN.





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