Why do memories have flashbacks?

A memory is suddenly and unexpectedly revisited,

A memory is unburied from the coffin of past.

A memory is opened from the door which was locked,

A memory is cleared from the fog that had been cast-ed.













A small region of our brain is responsible for this,

when we want to forget somethings,

it makes us imagine it.

A small section of our life is blamed for this,

when we want to ignore somethings,

it makes us remember it.

A small clue we are given or the hints about our past,

the subconscious mind stores everything,

that we never want to bothered about it.









It hunts us in the night time,

It hurts us in the day.

It makes the tears flow along,

It makes the smile remain for what so ever,

Cheerful, happy and gay!!!!





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