Want to be in your arms again…




Your close, so near to me,

Your hands pulled me and grabbed completely.

No space left between us to separate us,

Even the heartbeat coincide within.

Your hands pressed me hard,

Your skin touched mine and became one.



images 1







Your fingers tingled my back,

Giving me spake to free myself completely.

Your touch, your cuddling,

Made me lose my senses and hold you tight back.

Pulling your hairs while holding at your neck level,

You made me go crazy, with the hug you gave for few seconds.












I carved for more but you stopped me instantly,

And walked away like an unknown.

As i saw you walking away, i ran from be-hide,

Grabbing you again and holding till you realized that,

Even as you go, you can’t make my feeling go away with you.










You turned and we became one.

Now it has been so long and the feel is still the same.

Want to be in your touch again,

Want to feel the senses again,

Want to be in your arms again….

Wanna hug you baby!!!!







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