Why you left me alone, without even letting me know???

You met me- I met you.

You smiled at me-I felt emotions running in me.

You came close to me- I heard my heartbeats growing loud.

You touched me- I became alive and real.

You loved me- I loved you.














You walked along with me- I trusted you more than my soul.

You hold-ed my hand in yours- I walked on the path with closed eyes.

You spent so many years with me- I stayed smiling with all whatever happened.

You suddenly disappeared- I turned to stone and was left all alone.

You disagreed with our relationship bond- I tried to make you feel and remember.

You confessed your hatred- I cried and wiped aloud.

You went away far- I was left alone in dark.

you hated me- I still love you.










Why you had to leave me alone,

Without even letting me know that you left???

Why you had to decide alone,

Without even making me realize it?

Why you had to hate me,

Without even making me feel that you do?







“You -Me”

Forever our “WE”…


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    1. jyoti7208 says:

      my pleasure!!! thanks for you visit… keep visiting!!! 🙂


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