Valentine special!!!

What does love really mean?















Wikipedia define Love as an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment

Love is also said to be a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection —”the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”

I searched and surf all over the available sites. I also goggled it. But I could not get a well setup definition of love.


  • For every person, the word “love” defines it accordingly.

This is not a one-line answer, so please allow me some space.
It is also not complete either.
There are many different kinds of love of course.
The love you have for your best friend is supposed to be different from the love you have for your wife.
For this answer, I will focus more on the romantic relationship, because that is where most people are looking for answers.
Unfortunately for people who have not accepted it yet, love is a verb.
It is the hardcore, difficult, loving things you do (patience, kindness, listening, helping, compassion etc. ) for the people around you on a completely unconditional basis.
You practice it at your home, at work, while walking past people in the street.
Love is colorblind.
Love is not about buying someone flowers, nice presents or charming him or her.
That is courtship.
Now, focusing on a relationship (with your wife for example), you should swallow the fact that a relationship comes from one side only.
YOU are responsible for practicing love without expecting anything back.
Accept that you cannot change the other one, only yourself.
In cultures where people marry to others chosen by their parents (and I am specifically referring to those cultures where a woman is not seen as a possession, a workhorse, an attachment for the husbands ego, or whatever), these principles are practiced and those marriages work.
In our culture where we have the luxury of choosing our own life partners, you do have a choice to marry someone who practices love.
However, if you knew before that you partner is a selfish, irresponsible person and you choose to marry him anyway, you are still responsible to keep on loving him or her until death.
The nice thing is that you have enough time to evaluate your partner open minded after the courtship and in love stages of the relationship are over (That first intense burning, characterized when you meet someone and the sparks fly.
You cannot make a decision of living together forever if you are still in those first stages.
The problem is that most people are so brainwashed by TV, thinking that good sex, money and looks does it all and that there is somehow a way to bypass the hard work of loving.
Most people today are not in touch with themselves any more.
People are empty and confused.
Their personalities are a function of the clothes they wear, the cars they are driving and the houses they are living in.
They think that what they can show to the world, reflects their personality.
They listen to music all day to kill their inner voice.















For me, love was when

At the age of 8, I saw you, met you…

And the small sweet story began.

We fought, talked and played the day long,

Don’t forget the moment of happiness shared.

At the age of 9, the friendship grew with the days ran…

We used be together and became close friends.

Laughing, fooling, the day passed,

Along with your company I started living my life.

At the age of 10, I felt for you…

So as I came closer with your thoughts.

Going tuition with you and comings back along,

All became a routine as the life moved on.

At the age of 11, we shared a time of enjoyment…

Where everyday’s panipuri would add the taste of joy.

Dairy milk, Kitkat where all shared amongst us,

But even thought the meetha taste never gone.

At the age of 12, many up and downs came…

We almost got separated and departed there and there.

But friendship’s strong bond made us come together again,

Tuition changed but we were still together there.

At the age of 13, we got many friends…

People came, became friends and then went away,

But couldn’t move are friendship by any instance.

Our friendship grew with each and every thing happened.

At the age of 14, we again went far…

A year later the friendship had taken its new turn.

From buddies, I felt more for you,

And when you realized the same thing, our love story begins.

At the age of 15, things all together changed…

We got separated from friends as we spent time together alone.

The morning cycling and then evening ride,

With the sun’s rise and fall, our heart turned solitary along.

At the age of 16, love grew deep…

With the trust and care you showed, all in all changed me.

I became all yours and you grew in me,

With little bit of fights, our love broke a little margin.

At the age of 17, you showed me the world…

New places and cities, all showed me a new earth.

Beaches, parks, sunsets and sunrise

Malls, monuments all you showed with your hands in mine.

At the age of 18, many new things turned….

New thoughts and minds, with new people all around.

Arguments and anger and misunderstanding continued,

Which used to end before had taken roots now.

And slowly even with lots of tries,

The pages of love came to an end…

and I learn that nothing in this world is constant except our love.

love is never fake or it hurts us but its the changed lover and his/her act hurts us!!!

I still believe in love and still madly in love with him.

hope even he realize it soon…













  • Things were changed and I realized the fact,

the cruel truth of “love”

“Love the person without limits but the same person will always keep you to his limits as he wants.”

“Make the person you love, your heartbeats but the same person will try to be your breath and will control you accordingly”

“When he is happy, he will provide you with wings to fly but when he is upset, he will tie your wing with his words.”

“He/she really loves you, its not false. But the rules of his/her life will always come first…..even before your deepest love”

“Thousands of times he/she’ll tell you ‘I love you’, but the time you really want, he/she will not understand”

‘Life is happiest when he/she is with you but it will not take a second to change if you hurt him/her even at once.”














A kind request to all on this valentine’s day!!!

People have forgotten the meaning of love,

It’s just become a word used in order to make one fashionable and popular.

Love has being declined and hidden in all walk of the present life, from the past true love.

People’s lust- they call it love.

People’s attraction- they call it love.

People’s possessiveness- they call it love.

If any person is making him or her smile- they call it love.

But what does love actually mean?????????

Do you all know and can tell me???????

Where is the care for each others feelings?

Where is the respect for one’s thought?

Where is the sweet and naughty stuff people used to do to make their loved one smile?

People are just getting immersed in this fake world, just getting lost in the unreal life around…

Even if one try to be actual and real to her or him self, he will never will as the people and society will never let that happen…

Why do people just don’t act real to at least themselves….?

Guys please just get real and what you are actually, never try to change.

Not for anyone you love or care for…that will be termed as Actual love– love truly done from heart.

Don’t let the word “love” be ashamed in its own way!!!

Just open up and love your loved one as you are and let them feel that they are special.

Just think about it, you can save many loved relationship on this Valentine’s Day…







Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you…

“Spread love and be loved”

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  1. zygerina says:

    really good post ! I agree with your thoughts!


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    there s some good points here


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      its everything what i got to know till day from the survey… hope u liked it.. thanks.. welcom!!!


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