How many time will you kill me????

In my medical anatomy lab, the bodies are arranged accordingly

Each table with a number on it and the subject becomes a number with it!!

As i entered the room on the first day of my college,

Its smell stink and eyes filled with the chemical used to preserve it!!!








It become my subject and i had to learn it,

The instructor  began with an instant and she started to demonstrate.

She picked each one muscles the cloven hands as if she played with it.

download (10)







As for a second my heartbeat increased,

As i saw them all awake stood staring at me.

They looked monsters and deadliest thing i had seen ever, “THE DEAD”

They screamed for help and called me near,

I heard them echo, ” Plss don’t kill me so cruelly again, we are dead… our souls apart… but the body need to rest in peace…

We were here to help in to serve humanity but the way ul handle us…kill us every instant.

Please let us free, how many times will you kill me?  ”

images (21)







As i stood still, they hold-ed with their broken arm and

Pulled me in the place where they are kept ” THE MORTUARY ” it said.

images (22)




I screamed and ran and than open eye, i was still standing their and my class was ready to dispersed.

With all what happened here, i couldn’t resist myself.

They themselves are alive with their body even when the soul is dead.

images (24)








Handle with a respect as they are their to teach us,

They gave themselves to us, so we can learn and serve the people better in medicines.

We are here to learn to save the people and all those in need,

So why can’t we handle them with care and with thankfulness and not to kill them again….

images (25)









4 Comments Add yours

  1. soumyav says:

    very sensitive post Jyoti! this was the reason I could not pursue in bio line.I left the subject in12th,,as I wasn’t ready to dissect even a frog or any other organism!


  2. You will do well in the medical field. Caring people are needed.


    1. jyoti7208 says:

      thanks for ur wishes…
      and il do my best possible mean to do my work and care people around me…


      1. That’s all we all can do.


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