Love has changed its meaning, from what it actually is!!!!

People have forgotten the meaning of love,

it’s just become a word used in order to make oneself fashionable and popular.

love has being decline and hidden in all walk of the present life, from the past true love.

people’s lust they call it love.

people’s attraction they call it love.

people’s possessiveness- they call it love.

if any person is making him or her smile they call it love.

but what does love actually mean?????????

do you all know and can tell me???????

where is the care for each other’s feelings?

where is the respect for one’s thought?

where is the sweet and naughty stuff people used to do to make loved one smile?

just getting immersed in this fake world.

just getting lost in the unreal life around…

even if one try to be actual and real to her or him self,

he will never will as the people and society will never let that happen…

why do people just don’t act real to at least himself….?

guys please just be real and what you are, never try to change or try to change,

anyone you love or care for…that will called actual love- love truly done from heart.

don’t let the word love be ashamed in its own way!!!

just open up and love your loved one as you are and let them feel that they are special.

love you all guys….!!! 🙂

just think about it, it can save many loved relationship.

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  1. Dilip says:

    Nice post Jyoti. To me real love is all encompassing – it has nor boundaries! 🙂


    1. jyoti7208 says:

      evn i think tha same way, if there is love….there is no word called limits and boundaries in it!!!! an thanks for ur sharing words…


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