You and ME!!!

I always need you…
I always want you…
I will always love you…
I need your touch and care…
Hold me like this and never let me go….

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  1. Nanii says:


    Little girl, I enjoy your blog! It’s beautiful :3

    but.. this picture, you found in the internet? you can tell me where you found, please? I’d like original picture or similars 🙂 Thanks for all ^^

    I’m sorry but my english is bad 😡 I speak spanish xD


    1. jyoti7208 says:

      hie.. nanii
      nice to see you here.
      i didnt exactly get you for which picture are you talking about…
      i would really like to help you if you mention the post or wall where this pic lies.
      pls do visit again and you made me smile by your words..


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