Lets us promise again!!!!

   Promise me!!!

For every step I take now,   

  I need you too walk with me.

For every moment I m left alone, 

I need you too be with me.

My life was meaningless before you loved me,

For the every second I live now,

I need you to live with me.










It’s difficult now to live without you,

As my identity are you and yours with me.

The thought of getting far from you,

makes my eyes filled with tears indicating my love for you so,

I need you to always be in touch with me.

My life you are… and you will be until the end…








For all the memorable dates we remember,

I want you to keep adding such dates with me…

Just nothing else only,

Always be with me….

I love you so… I need you…








  •  PROMISE… me as I do, that you will help me

             To fulfill all the promises I made

  •  PROMISE… me as I do that you will hold me

               The each time I tend to fall.

  •  PROMISE… me as I do that you will continue scolding for

              the entire nuisance I m still going to make










  •  PROMISE… me as I do, that you will tell each time,

            “I love you” when I/you feel bad after your scolding.

  •   PROMISE… me as I do, you will be with me,

              you will always love me;

              you will live for me and all this will always….

             continue the same in the coming rest of our life… 

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