Thank you so much!!!

Dear reader and my followers,









The day I started my bolg with lots of nervousness and fear,

But when there was first like, liked my Soumyav,

My heart smiled and hopes filled me to write more.

And than within no time Berint, Love and live d life,

The Wandering quill, all your likes…comments,

Gave me confidence to make the best out of words.


Than Coco, Shian, Donkey, and it went on..

Talin401, Helpwithyourlife, Bestrockmusical and Cracker’s likes…

While Soumyav, you were always there..

After few days it added to more,

Shahsamrath, 7thHeaven’s likes filled my page,

The Naughtypoet, Akansha than liked…

All your likes encouraged me to step high…


The Tale of my heart and Roshni’s like gave me light to fill the pages sight….

Wandering quill’s and Roshni’s and Tom baker’s comments made me to judge myself…

The truthwarrior, Dapoet, Laurance129 and Celestealluvial too used their time to see my blog,

Thank-you so much to all of you to make some of my identities in the world so round..

Love you’ll for liking my posts and teaching me to make my blog wise and readable..


2 Comments Add yours

  1. soumyav says:

    That ! so sweet of you dear to express your feelings in such a way. Thanks for such a wondrful expression…we all love u and ur blog..


    1. jyoti7208 says:

      your always welcome dear…dont know how but you all hv made a place somewhere in my heart…
      thankyou..and its my pleasure.!!!!


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