They and he unchanged to me….










Each day when my sleeps depart,

I search myself in the morning dark.

Mirror images are fading now days,

Finding the lost girl in the hidden phase.

Dressed up, covered with a smile on my face,

So, that mom would not recognize the change in my ways.

As I step out of the gate,

I make false smiles and happiness as my dearest mate.










Living in the world of new friends,

Its hard not to miss the past friendships ends.

Meeting him everyday has become a routine,

Still heart misses the old days dating.

Some things are changing or the change is in me?

The emotions, which I have, is slowly depleting…

Fighting with each relation, my heart is in a fix,

Don’t know what to do; my mind is completely in a mix












The time I am with him, he makes me feel his love,

As I think of my parents, there loves comes all above.

Understanding them, understanding him,

Where is the time to understand myself?

The dreams, which once my eyes felt are all depleting and coming to an end.

Evening approaches again with many queries,

Mind is prepared but heart is still overflowing with many worries.

Night is the toughest episode of my days,

All my love for both of them, start pouring down my face.








Heart cries deep inside,

But the tears come each night.

Mom and dad gave me life,

It’s with him I knew, how to live my life.

They gave me the destiny but the root is he,

Will they some day stop asking, who is important?

 Because they and he are the unchanged for me.       

12 thoughts on “They and he unchanged to me….

  1. Beautifully written..its so intense ,the importance of whom! the fact of life,the complexity of love,the indecisiveness of the phase, the longevity to be loved,the feeling to be understood…its all there… does it reflect you?

    1. ya, soumyav… it is a phase i m going through each day and night…
      but still cant find a way to make it clear…hope as i walk along this path
      i get all my answers.. and thankyou so very much.. i hv started lovin you…:P

      1. just have faith,believe in yourself and listen to your conscience however hard it may be… you dnt need to prove anythng to anybdy,love doesn’t need any explanation…but simultaneously, have a clear mind to realise what is the right time for what?

  2. Jyothi, the turbulence of growing up has its share of excitement as well as pains, nothing is more deep rooted than your parents’ love for you. I hear your dilemma of – to be or not to be… as time flies you will understand what is more important to you, nonetheless with some angst. You write well dear and keep penning those lines, to let your thoughts and feelings out. God bless!

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