Never ending
            Love Story…
There is a girl named Jennifer.
A boy named Peter was liked by her.
It began that day she met him accidentally.
She slipped so fast and landed on his arms coincidently.
There eyes met, heartbeats set and the air of love,
They start on to get.
Each time she saw, she desires to be his.
Time passed and her love grew like the ocean so wide plus deep inside.
She kept on giving indications and clues to him.
But this clueless boy didn’t notice.
Feelings change as they grew and the day came,
 When she came to knew.
He told, “I love you baby and feel great to be in love with you…”
Her face smiled and tears rolled up on her eyes.
She cuddled in his arms close to his heart and softly said, “I love you too my baby you are my life.”
There love raised each day and night,
And affections turned to emotion and then the satisfaction of being together in all life’s fight.
Years passed and many years will pass but the love they have will never ever depart.
She lives for him and will live forever,
His love for her will decrease never.
Her heart beats with the happiness of his presence,
 He is still alive only because of her existence.
They will die one day it’s done,
but there love story will continue and will never come to an end…….

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  1. soumyav says:

    beautiful words…


  2. Supipi says:



    1. jyoti7208 says:

      thanks… and your welcome dear!!!


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